About Us

✧Hii Bbychan is basically a love letter to our significant other,
the bby/lilmama/lildaddie✧
HiiBbychan pronounced "hai bee-bee chan"

"Hii Bbychan" is more of a kawaii/cute play name that we've used to call our significant others as it was more unique than just calling em' "hii baby" or "babe" - the best way to describe the origin of "hii bbychan" is this image:

The idea of starting a clothing brand of our own has been discussed between us(Kara & Cby) for a long time & the obstacles we kept facing over the years were always being caught up with work/school, working on cosplay to gear up for anime conventions, or simply just life in general. 


[Kawaii x Feels]

So the meaning behind "Kawaii x Feels inspired lifestyle clothing" is that overall we base a lot of our designs off of feels inspiration, some days we feel cute and want to rock a cute cat donut character tee or if we didn't get enough sleep & gotta go into our 9-5 and we ain't feelin' it chief then we gonna be rockin' that "Not Today Satan" tee ~ simply put we also don't want to limit ourselves to making only certain of things - we want to make all the thingssss as long as we feel it✧♡